TCS Important Update!!!!

by Marc Costanza

We hope that this update finds you all safe & healthy. This pandemic sure has hit us hard, individually and in our hockey community. As we head into the Fall/Winter season for hockey, there are still so many unknowns. Many of you have reached out to me with questions & concerns. I hear you and I understand you. The issues with being unable to hold tryouts in some areas and/or get rosters approved has been a common growing concern among all of us. At this time we are unable to get any of our events sanctioned.

TCS Hockey does have a back up plan in place for tournaments that we are not able to sanction - our plan is to independently sanction these events.
What does this mean? It means that any tournament team may participate in these events and we will provide an independent insurance policy for players & coaches. The details and logistics of this will be sent to all registered teams. So, if your team has not been able to host tryouts yet - you are able to gather players of the same age & skill level for the division of which you are registering for. Rosters will still need to be sent in and approved by TCS Hockey prior to attending these events - but your rosters do not have to be sanctioned.  Teams can change their team names and even buy unique tournament jerseys to use instead of their club/organization jerseys.  If you want to use your organizational jerseys, we suggest you check with your club or organization before doing so.

Final decisions regarding each of our Fall/Winter events will be made, independently. Updates will be posted on our website. With that being said, here is a current status for upcoming September events:

Boston Labor Day Cup - CANCELLED - Given we are 5 weeks away from this tournament and the current Covid restrictions in place in the state of Massachusetts right now, we will have to cancel this tournament this year. It’s unfortunate, but something that is out of our control.




We will continue to have our Safe Plan in place at all events and will continue to follow closely all guidelines given by each state & community. Your safety is our #1 concern. For those of you traveling out of state, you are responsible for checking with current state travel guidelines.

With this plan in place - registration is currently open for these events - you can go to to register!
**Deposits and registrations are 100% refundable if the tournament gets cancelled for any unforeseen reason related to covid**
Some exciting news to share! TCS Hockey will now be offering Elite AAA & AAA divisions in selected age levels at selected events this upcoming Fall/Winter Season! We are excited for this new level of hockey at our future events!

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see your team at one of our upcoming events!