Chicago Breakout II - Chicago, IL

AUGUST 17TH-19TH, 2018

This event will be played in Grant Park which is located in beautiful downtown Chicago.  Grant Park is a unique stretch of land that separates commercial construction from the lakefront and a popular hub for Chicagoans and visitors.  Combined with the city's storied architecture, Grant Park provides on-lookers with the most breathtaking skyline in the world.

*Breakout Rules Apply
*Penalties = Penalty Shot
*Roller - 3 on 3 (w/subs)*Recommended roster size 6-8 players

*Ball - 4 on 4 (w/subs)*Recommended roster size 8-12 players
(No off-sides/icing)
*Block Scheduling
*Played on Sport-Court Flooring

*Youth (8u-18u) - Roller
*Adult (18+,30+,40+) - Roller

*Adult (Men's & Coed) - Ball

*AAA,AA,A(REC) - Roller


*$525 Per Team

In the event of the weather forecast calling for rain, TCS may issue out a 3-Hour  “Delayed Start” the night before.

If the first game of the day on Saturday is an 8am start. TCS will push the games back 3 hours via email, text & website on Friday night by 10pm.

TCS will then make the “call” if the games are on or off by the original start time at 8am via email, text & website. 

If games are ON, the teams with the original start time are expected to start 3 hours later, at 11am.
All games will follow the original schedule unless otherwise notified.

The reason for the “Delayed Start” is to give the tournament a chance. TCS grants the 3 hour push back to give the teams enough time to leave and head to the rink. Of course, if teams are traveling from more than 3 hours away, the schedule will be revised to accommodate.

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